CEREIS-Databank™ :

CEREIS runs an online Databank aimed at effectively managing/helping organizations in Data collection and online Data entry processes. CEREIS-Databank™ has the capacity to run a Country’s census. Improve the way you design and manage projects and monitor performance using CEREIS-Databank™, our cutting-edge online system that you can access wherever you are.



Its advantages:

  • No need for your own Management Information system
  • Reduce M&E costs through quick and easy data entry and reporting
  • Enter your data from anywhere in the world, using any computer, smart phone device.
  • Achieve high performance through real time reporting on progress and results-a quick picture (Analysis) of your survey is displayed through the real-time report interface which automatically updates its self each time data is entered
  • Inspire donor confidence through high quality results-based proposals and reports
  • Manage your data entry centers/clients from the comfort of your office or on the move, anytime from anywhere around the world.
  • No data loss due to theft, computer crash, etc, since your data is 100% safe with us, in addition, we are regulated by Statistics Act, 1998 regarding secrecy /confidentiality of respondents.


1)  Fully built M&E system with;

  •  Indicator Tracker
  •  Questionnaires/Forms which can be customized to suit your exact project needs,
  •  Real-time reports and dashboards

ü ) Export data to other formats for further data analysis e.g excel, CSV, SPSS etc

üi)  Clients/data entrants audit-enables auditing/tracking of data entrants and their activities etc

üv)  Clients/ User accounts management system with reliable up to standard security features

v)  24/7Hr backup plan to counteract data loss, unplanned data deletion etc

vi) Responsive questionnaires/Forms-can be accessed from any mobile/tab device

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  1. Jolly  - February 20, 2015 - 1:05 pm
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    so easy

  2. LABE Uganda  - February 23, 2015 - 1:45 pm
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    This is an effective system, we’re now using it and so far… it has saved us a lot of time!!

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