Our Projects

Our Projects:


Extensive Research Projects:

No. Project Name:
 Project Description:
  Client: Status
1 Regulatory Impact Assessment for National Nutrition Policy in Uganda

Conducted a regulatory impact assessment (RIA) of the national nutrition policy in Uganda.

(Conducted between April to August 2020)

 2  Mid-Term evaluation (Jan 2016)
 Carried-out the mid term evaluation for UNATU, performed data management, Data analysis and evaluation report  UNATU  done
 3  Study to determine the impact of government programs on Social Service Delivery in Northern Uganda from 2010/11 – 2014/15  Data management, Analysis and technical evaluation report  Actionaid International in Uganda  done
 4  Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and Implementation Matrix for the BTVET sub-sect  supervised data entry process, carried out data analysis and generated reports (July 2015 to September)  MoES Uganda  done
 5 National Consultation survey on the efficacy of using Indigenous Knowledge in predicting weather patterns in Uganda for   developed a data capture system, supervised data entry process, carried out data analysis (including Geo spatial analysis) and generated reports ( April 2015) World Vision Uganda  done
 6  Baseline study for Strengthening Equity, Access, and Quality in Education (SEAQE) Program in South Sudan (Nov 2014-Jan 2015)  Designed and implemented the survey, performed data management, analysis and technical report.  ADRA South Sudan  done

Information System Projects:

No. Project Name:
 Project Description:
  Client: Status
1 Development of a functional Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for National Information Platforms for Nutrition (NIPN).

-Developed a monitoring and evaluation plan for the NIPN project

-Developed a NIPN Project monitoring system with detailed dashboards

Government of the Republic of Uganda, Office of the Prime Minister Done NEW_ani
 2  Technical Consultant, M&E Systems Designs (May 2014) Designed and programmed an online Monitoring and Evaluation System to enable online data entry by multiple users, real-time tracking and reporting of the education programs: RARE/MTE. (Check: http://www.mis.labeuganda.org  Literacy and Adult Basic Education (LABE)-  Done
 3  Database system designer A system for showing directory, and profiles of NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, FBO’s and Registered groups and Associations in the country (March 2014)  Caritas Uganda  Done
 4  M&E Systems Developer
Designed a database management information system for Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Empowerment Program (CEP) (Dec 2011 to March 2012)  SNV Uganda in partnership with UNICEF  Done
 5  M&E Systems Developer
Monitoring & Evaluation Database Systems Design to help in HIV Program Evaluation in S. Sudan  CAFOD in South Sudan-  Done

Trainings/ Advocacy:

No. Project Name:
 Project Description:
  Client: Status
1 CSO Training

-Trained CSOs on Strategic and Results-based Management

-Trained CSOs on computer skills




Done NEW_ani
 2  Technical Support  for the Uganda Governance and Poverty Alleviation Program (UGOPAP)-Feb 2014-May 2015  trained the various agencies/ implementing partner organizations on Research methods/ethics and basic data entry skills for the UGOPAP program, and also performed a comparative data analysis and reporting on the UGOPAP evaluation survey, the program covered up to 6,648 households around the country  CARITAS Uganda  done
 3  Capacity builder  fully facilitated M&E management information system training of over 90 partner organizations of SNV Uganda, the system was previously designed by me to help in the M&E of Community Empowerment Program (April 2012)  SNV Uganda done



No. Project Name:  Project Description:   Client: Status
No. Project Name:  Project Description:   Client: Status

More of Our Projects in details:

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