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  • Official Launch of CEREIS-Databank™
    CEREIS-Databank™ has the capacity to run a Country’s census. Improve3 the way you design and manage projects and monitor performance using CEREIS-Databank™, our cutting-edge online system that you can access wherever you are. 41,027 total views, 16 views today
    cereis - January 30, 2015
  • Project M&E Systems (Core interlinked Parts)
    The Program/project M&E system consists of four core interlinked parts. 1. Setting up the M&E system by identifying information needs to guide the project strategy, ensure effective operations and meet external reporting requirements. Decide how to gather and analyze this information and document a plan for the M&E system. Setting up the M&E system with...
    cereis - August 12, 2014

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